Meat, Sugar and Dairy

Why do we say readers should avoid Meat, Sugar and Dairy.

1. It has been proven, in a joint study by the National institute of health and the AARP, that red and processed meats were directly associated with cancer production.

2. Sugar, aka the white killer, has become a world-wide calamity. Apparently the 158.4 pounds of sugar eaten by just the average American has been shown to cause a 63.1% of overweight obesity, not to mention diabetes. Nuff said.

3. Among other dairy produced damage to the human body are the unique property of homogenized milk. Homogenizing milk allows the large milk molecules to break into small ones allowing them to get into the bloodstream becoming fat-borne toxins. In addition to this milk and milk products contain the protein, “Casien”. This subject is so important I will leave it here for a later article.

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