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Toxic Food
Most people don't realize that the foods they eat everyday are having adverse consequences.
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Toxic Food
Growing up during World War II and the Vietnam War, the world seemed to spin faster, For art director,
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A Personal note from Dr. Aronoff

My mission, and the mission of my helpers in my group, is to tell the people of the world that the ingestion of meat, dairy and sugar can lead to destructive diseases.

Refined sugar, and also in its other forms, like honey and its cousin, high fructose corn syrup, can lead to diabetes and obesity.

Dairy has a protein called casein that has been linked to cancer formation.

Last but certainly not least is meat, and especially processed meats, that has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure and some forms of cancer.

Quitting these debilitating foods has been made complicated by worldwide addictions to sugar, dairy and animal flesh. These addictions are formed early in life and for some people are very difficult to shake.

But my mission is clear and I will continue to write, speak and study along with my book, Toxic Food/Healthy Food as my guide and flagship.

Most sincerely,

Edward Aronoff, A.A., B.S., D.C.

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Reviews from Readers and Publisher

  • Edward Aronoff’s book; Toxic Food, Healthy Food changed my life. His personal accounts with his health were relatable, and made me stop and think. My personal favorite parts were the sections pertaining to processed sugar. It completely flipped my view on what we consume. I quit all processed sugar, and I am never going back. I feel better than I ever have. This book is worth the investment in yourself.

    -Isabella Oates

    Thank you Dr. Aronoff!
  • I first read this book with my girlfriend one night. The more she read out loud, the more I became intrigued. I picked up the book for myself after several months of seeing it around the house, and I couldn’t put it down. Every single chapter in this book is something new to learn. I never knew just how harmful meat, dairy and sugar could be. This book really opened my eyes. 
     -Janet Coppage
    You saved me!

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Toxic Food
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