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Toxic Food Healthy Food

Most people don’t realize that the foods they eat everyday are having adverse consequences to their health. Diabetes, weight gain, cancer, heart problems, in fact, nearly every modern ailment we see in our patients today can be traced right back to the processed, chemical laden, and artificial foods we eat and feed our children.
Thankfully, many of those conditions can be stopped and even reversed, simply by knowing which foods are healthy and which foods are toxic to your body.
Start reading and start living!

Last Chance
Last Chance

Growing up during World War II and the Vietnam War, the world seemed to spin faster, For art director, Sydney Bannon, it was a time of exciting possibilities, promise, and love.
As the day of her wedding approaches, Sydney learns that she has a life threatening disease. In a panic, she cancels her wedding plans and flies off to Europe. Her goal is to “See Naples and die,” or to at least make the most of the time she has left.
On her European odyssey, she meets two strangers that tell her about a chance for a cure.
For Sydney, it might be her Last Chance.

Last Chance
Toxic Food + Last Chance (Both together)

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